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My 2012: Keshav Dhar

The Skyharbor guitarist tells us about the great run the band has had this year, along with five of his favourite albums of 2012.

10 Dec, 2012

Keshav Dhar

Supreme Overlord Of Groove At Skyharbor

I think it’s fair to say that 2012 has been an incredible year for me and Skyharbor. I feel that it has been a terrible year for the Indian scene in general though, having lost so many legendary people this year – Amit Saigal, Clarence Gonsalves, Gyan Singh… but for Skyharbor, it’s definitely been a landmark year.

We released our debut album Blinding White Noise: Chaos And Illusion (our review here) worldwide via one of the best record labels in the world, Basick Records. We got a great response from fans and critics alike. We supported Lamb of God live (photos here) for our second ever show and it was at their request too. We performed in Europe at the incredible Euroblast Festival, and we played our first festival headlining set at Strawberry Fields in Bangalore. So it’s definitely been a wonderful year, and I hope that in 2013 we continue to build further on what we’ve achieved in 2012.

Here are my favourite albums of 2012.

Deftones – Koi No Yokan
Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead Here
British Theatre – Dyed In The Wool Ghost
Cloudkicker – Fade
Periphery – Periphery II – This Time It’s Personal

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