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iLLBiLLY HiTEC and Longfingah on India Tour This Week

The Berlin-based electro-reggae group will go on a four-city tour that ends with a performance at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore.

10 Dec, 2012


Indiecision Staff

Berlin-based electro-reggae outfit iLLBiLLY HiTEC return to India this month to begin their second tour of the country. The duo will be joined by reggae MC Longfingah through the entire tour as they play their special brand of “reggaetronica”. iLLBiLLY HiTEC is made up of drummer Alex and mixer/DJ Thomas (you can learn more about the band in our interview with them here) and two of them explore various genres of dub and reggae such as dancehall, dubstep and jungle to name but a few. They’ve been collaborating with Longfingah for many years now and even played the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2011 with him. This time around, the three artists will make their way from Delhi to Bangalore, playing four cities in total. The group will be supported by Moniker (in Delhi), Ray G (in Pune) and Johnny B (in Mumbai) before playing the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore.

Last year, iLLBiLLY HiTEC’s tour gave them the opportunity to meet a lot of artists in the burgeoning reggae/dub scene in India but they eventually collaborated with a different but unlikely source. Although they never played in Bangalore, iLLBiLLY HiTEC collaborated with Bangalore hip hop crew Low Rhyderz (who will also play at the Pepsi Dub Station at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore) to create a track called ‘Life In A Ghetto’. The song was the first single off of the the Low Rhyderz EP, Ride With Us. It remains to be seen who the German act collaborates with next, but it’s likely that they’ll attempt to collaborate on a new track.

Check out ‘Life In A Ghetto’ below.

Check out the tour dates and iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft Longfingah’s latest track below.

iLLBiLLY HiTEC, Longfingah and the Low Rhyderz will all play the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore this weekend. You can buy tickets to the festival here.

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