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Download – ‘Run (Basher Remix)’ – Driving Lolita

Download Driving Lolita’s newest track, available exclusively on NH7.

10 Dec, 2012

Abhimanyu Meer


London’s Driving Lolita is the brainchild of BBC Radio 1 presenter and Shiva Soundsystem man D-Code. D-Code is one of the more established producers and DJs of drum ‘n’ bass music in the United Kingdom. After years of work as part of Shiva Soundsystem, D-Code traded in his turntables for live instrumentation and formed the electro-punk band Driving Lolita, with Abrar Hafiz on guitars, Graziella on vocals and and singer-songwriter/composer Arrows Down. Driving Lolita played their first show in India at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Pune, in November (report here).

In addition to Driving Lolita and Shiva Soundsystem, D-Code and his partner in crime, Nerm (read our interview with him here), were regular presenters on BBC Radio 1′s In New DJs We Trust, in 2008. Over the years, D-Code has collaborated often with hip-hop/dubstep live at Foreign Beggars and also with Mumbai’s electro-rock duo Shaa’ir + Func (both of whom will play the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore; tickets here).

‘Run (Basher Remix)’ is Driving Lolita’s latest release, available for download just below. ‘Run (Basher Remix)’ features a traditional Driving Lolita twisted, timely bass track, accentuated by Graziella’s hauntingly intense vocals, and a shot-in-the-arm-style runaway drumbeat, remixed by Basher from the UK. Check it out. Play it loud.

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