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Pepsi Dub Station Mixtapes: Rudy Roots

The French reggae DJ wants to share good vibes and digital dub with us.

8 Dec, 2012

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

With the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore less than a month away, NH7.in will bring you exclusive weekly mixtapes from artists that are set to perform at the Pepsi Dub Station. This week, we have Rudy Roots from France.

Rudy Roots is a French reggae DJ who began his career in 2002 with Roots Warrior Sound (which was a two-piece reggae act from France). While he was still in France, he started listening to roots reggae and nu roots. Rudy Roots began traveling extensively in 2007, which saw a sharp decrease in his musical activity, but in that year he visited Jerusalem, Nepal, Turkey and India, where he interacted with many local reggae artists. He has picked up more genres along the way such as digital dancehall and dub. Rudy Roots has been performing in Goa over the last two years and continues to play as many varieties of reggae music as he can.

Rudy Roots told us more about his musical moods and digital dub which are both big influences on his Pepsi Dub Station mixtape.

The mix I made for NH7 is a good mix of my musical moods. I have added reggae/hip hop remixes, new roots, digital dub music and even ragga jungle in this mixtape. I’ve selected artist with various styles that include Barry Issac, Joseph Cotton, Million Stylez, Skarra Mucci and Daddy Freddy to name but a few. Something with a different vibe from what I used to do actually. For the Dub Station in Bangalore, I wanna play all reggae vibes that can be seen in this Universe! I will be playing a lot more digital dub though, and sharing the good vibes with everyone.

Check out Rudy Root’s Dub Station Mixtape mixtape for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Bangalore below.

Catch Rudy Roots and many others at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Bangalore, 2012. Buy your tickets here. Stay tuned for more mixtapes from Pepsi Dub Station artists.

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