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Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 20 (1st Anniversary Edition)

Roll on! Roll on! It’s Double Tap’s first anniversary and to celebrate, we revisit a year of zombie mania.

5 Dec, 2012

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch is our first line of defense against the undead scourge. Join us as we search for all things zombie and zombie-related, but don’t forget to double tap. Safety first!

Undead and kicking! It’s been a whole year of zombie mania since the inception of this little feature and we’re pleased to report that we haven’t lost any limbs and haven’t been infected either. While our coverage of all things zombie has been pretty broad, just remember that we’ve had some real revelations over the last 12 months. So here’s a few of our favourite editions of Double Tap, The Zombie Watch so far.

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Vol 1
Back to the beginning or patient zero of this series (if you want to use a perfect zombie analogy) was where we first saw a brand new zombie movie being made, in CUBA! A lot of great zombie movies have been made over the years, but this one was just caught our attention because Juan De Los Muertos (Juan of the Dead) sounded like a title that was good to miss. With glimpses of Havana from a perspective we’ve never seen before, this movie showed that zombies did not just belong to America and the developed world. Countries as far-removed as Cuba are now making their own zombie movies and creating their own zombie culture. India is not far behind, with numerous upcoming film projects that are supposed to be in various stages of development. And if Luke Kenny is to believed, he will release his own zombie flick, Rise of The Zombie, in February 2013 (he told us this when we went to a zombie walk in Mumbai recently, you can read more about it here).

Watch the trailer of Juan De Los Muertos below.

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 6
The origin of the zombie legend or at least the word “zombie” can be traced back all the way to the Caribbean, where the tiny country of Haiti acted as the source of this very disturbing construct of the human imagination. This particular volume was easily one of the most challenging yet rewarding to write about because the subject matter was so chilling. A small documentary by Vice presenter Hamilton Morris sheds light on exactly this (watch it here) and after a lot of research and insight, we came to the conclusion that zombies really do come from a deep dark space, the human mind (and voodoo witch doctors).

Gaiz! Did you know that Papa Shango was supposed to be a witch doctor?

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 10
Weapons! Weapons! Weapons! No zombie discussion ever takes place without mention of the very best in weaponry today. We’ve talked weapons in many different forms, from Joerg Sprave’s amazing slingshots, to the best in swords and knives. Y U NO talk about guns? Well, because ammo would be the biggest drawback to any firearm and you simply can’t be scrambling for ammo when the undead are upon you.

Joerg Sprave has an awesome YouTube Channel, but this video of his slingshot zombie killer is da bomb!

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 5, Volume 11, Volume 12, Volume 16
Communities of intrepid zombie fans are definitely among the more interesting people we’ve found in our search for information about the undead. Whether it’s the tongue-in-cheek nature of the Zombie Squad, or the imagination of the Zed Events that gives you a taste of zombie survival, these people make writing about the undead worthwhile and interesting. Perhaps it’s the outrageousness of the Zombie Friends or the ingenuity of Zombie Reports, but they still serve to remind us that the zombie business is big business.

Wanna kill time (and zombies) with your friends? Head up to the Zed Events Mall in Reading for some good times with weapons.

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 8, Volume 13, Volume 15
How do the undead make us think about how we live? When we answered questions like “Are we in shape?“, ”Are we ready to kill?“, we found that being prepared for a zombie outbreak really prepares us for a lot of potentially lethal challenges life can throw at us. Being prepared does not mean being paranoid, and sometimes it’s just good to take stock of everything you have in your life. Who knows, maybe a tsunami or an earthquake could hit your hometown really hard and being prepared for a zombie outbreak could help you overcome those challenges.

It's still true.

The essence of this series has always been about getting ready for the challenges that come your way in a post-apocalyptic, infected world, and asking the tough questions about whether you have what it takes to survive. It’s also been about looking at a particular sub-culture that just grew into a minor global cultural phenomenon over the last half of the 20th century. Deadly serious or looking at the brighter side, our perspective on the issues that we face everyday tend to oscillate and something as remarkably terrifying and completely absurd as zombies serve to remind us that anything can happen, but we’ll be ready.

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