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Classified Indie Secrets: Weekender Edition Vol. 2

More top-secret leaks about your soon-to-be-favourite Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore artists in another mini-dossier compiled by the ultra-covert NH7 ops team.

5 Dec, 2012


Indiecision Staff

In the run-up to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore, the NH7 team (pictured above) will bring you bits of vital information about some of the acts that are scheduled to play the festival. In order to be in the know, before, during, and after the festival, you’d best learn all of this. Who knows, you might even get some tips on where to eat some hangover-defeating kheema pao. Check out our second list of artists you oughta know about (first one here), and stream songs by them too. 

Susheela Raman is an award-winning British musician of Tamil origin. Her debut album Salt Rain was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2001. No relation to CV Raman, award-winning physicist of Tamil origin.

Papon and The East India Company is the project of Angaraag Mahanta also known as ‘Papon’. He sings in Assamese, Hindi, and Bengali. Nobody knows if he speaks Klingon.

B.R.E.E.D is a Mumbai DJ, also known as DJ Nasha. He has won the World DMC Championship twice, and has also performed at the 2012 Commonwealth Games. Suresh Kalmadi also ‘performed’ for the Commonwealth Games.

BLaNK are a three-piece band from Chennai formed in 2010. They were the official DJs for Submerge and MTV, and even played the 2011 edition of Bestival in England. BLaNK is a really hard band name to Google for trivia.

Vedanth Bharadwaj is a singer-songwriter who has been playing Carnatic music since he was four. He has studied classical guitar at the Trinity College in London. Vedanth is also a huge Frank Zappa fan.

Under The Influence are a two-piece alt-rock band. The band consists of Abhijit Lahiri on vocals and guitars and Ashutosh Thatte on piano. Japandroids is another band comprised of only two people.

Wazulu Da Ill Dravidian is a DJ who blends Indian street rhythms into his music. He is originally from Bangalore, India. Now-retired cricketer Rahul Dravid was Da Fit Dravidian.

MooSick‘s real name is Mustafa Ismaeel. He is an electronic music producer hailing from Toronto, Canada. Moose and Justin Bieber also hail from Canada.

Stay tuned for more vital information about Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore artists in the coming days (full lineup here). Check out Vol. 1 here, and if you haven’t bought your tickets to the happiest music festival yet, get them here.

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