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In Pictures: Ray-Ban’s 75th Anniversary Gig @ Land’s End Amphitheatre, Mumbai

  • Everyone's Favourite Sunglasses...
    ...turn 75 this year. Okay, the brand. Not an actual physical pair of Ray-Bans.

    Anyway, the final gig of Ray-Ban's anniversary celebrations took place at the Land's End Amphitheatre in Bandra on Saturday, December 1. Winners of the Never Hide Sounds Band Hunt performed, with Parikrama and Indus Creed headlining the night.
    The event ran a couple of hours behind schedule, which meant that a sizeable crowd was present to watch the last quarter of soundcheck.
  • Modern Mafia
    The Mumbai alt-rock act opened the night with a cover of Blink 182's 'All The Small Things'. They were extremely chatty on stage, and vocalist Varun Das apologized at least twice for "sounding like a douche". The band won the Mumbai edition of the Bindass Restless Band Hunt and played the Bindass Fully Fantastic Stage at the Pune edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender (read a stage report here). The Bindass Restless Band Hunt for Bangalore is now on. Details here.
  • They Love Boobies
    They did not proclaim this on the megaphone, but their song breaks did include a fair amount of banter about mammaries. Modern Mafia played a short set which included originals 'Chewbacca's Revenge' (which is about the wookie reacting to a bad haircut) and 'Superhero'.
  • Gangnam Style?
    Inexplicably, a couple of the band's friends jumped up on stage during the set to do that now-iconic 'Gangnam Style' dance move.
  • The Uncertainty Principle
    Delhi prog-rock outfit The Uncertainty Principle were up next. Though efficient, the band seemed a tad nervous on stage.
  • Questionable Stigmas?
    The band's lineup comprises Raghav Meattle on vocals (beeteedubz, he missed an exam to play this gig), Abhishek Rajan and Nishant Kurup on guitars, Siddharth Rajan on bass, and Keith Peter on the drums. They played a set of original tracks including 'The Question', 'Forever', and 'The Stigma'.
  • Phantom Cigarettes
    While vocalist Raghav Meattle's too young to be smoking, everyone can enjoy Phantom Cigarettes. #youremember
  • The News
    The News are a five-piece act from Bangalore who play "happy music". They played this as a quick soundcheck before their set, which made our jaws drop a little.
  • Summer Songs
    The News' three-song set included tracks titled 'Summertime' and 'Lucky Summer Day'. They recently played at the Harley Rock Riders festival in Bangalore, and are currently planning their debut album.
  • Everybody Loves Mumbai
    This was the band's first trip to Mumbai, and they very happily proclaimed that they absolutely loved the city, and Colaba, and vada-pavs.
  • Street Stories
    The Shillong punk act played a tight, energetic set at the Land's End gig. They're also playing at the Hornbill National Rock Contest in Kohima, Nagaland.
  • How punk?
    The band have great energy on stage, and here, we see vocalist/guitarist Pezo Kronu rocking out.
  • Church brings people together. No, really.
    The band came together when brothers Pezo and Riko Kronu met drummer Matsram Sangma at their local church.
  • 83MPH
    The Chennai rock act opened with a track titled '83 Miles Per Hour'. We wish we knew what the significance of the number 83 is. The band has insane stage presence, with vocalist Kenny Shaiza using the stage to play air-guitar, air-drums, and to lean over the mic stand.
  • "All Hail Rock and Roll!"
    While the band sounds more prog-rock influenced than rock and roll, Shaiza got the audience to start up this chant. 83MPH consists of Shaiza on vocals, Peter Francis Joshua on the drums, Aldrin Alexander on the keytar (oh yes), Rishikant Ekka and Raemus Castellino on guitars, and Harshit Misra on bass.
  • 'DrUnK'
    "Do you like drinking? I like drinking. This song's about drinking. It's called 'DrUnK'."
  • Parikrama
    The rock veterans took the stage to the delight of a cheering crowd, playing a set that included originals like 'Vapourize' and 'Tears Of The Wizard'.
  • Air Guitar!
    Vocalist Nitin Mailk would like everyone to know that the track is not called 'Gandalf The Great', after he was misquoted by a journalist.
  • Violins! Violins For Everyone!
    Violinist Imran Khan disappeared from stage and suddenly reappeared among the audience, flitting happily from camera to camera.
  • This happened.
    In which Khan leans over our camera to say hello.
  • Indus Creed
    This was the recently reunited rock act's last gig in Mumbai for a while, and we can't think of a better location for it. Land's End Amphitheatre is an excellent venue for winter gigs. Organisers, are you listening?
  • Multitasking
    Bassist Rushad Mistry demonstrates that it is in fact quite easy to smoke and wield the bass at the same time. Indus Creed also recently played a gig at Blue Frog, Mumbai, check out pictures here.
  • 'Trapped'
    The group's closing set included several songs from their most recent album Evolve, and gig staples like 'Fireflies' and 'Trapped'. To the crowd's disappointment, they did not play 'Pretty Child'.


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