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Pandemonium 2012 to Feature Xerath, Bloodshot Dawn

The two metal acts, along with Demonic Resurrection and a few local bands, will bring chaos and metchul to Kolkata’s Pandemonium 2012 this weekend.

3 Dec, 2012


Indiecision Staff

The Pandemonium Metal Festival was originally scheduled to be a two-day affair with Indian rock giants Parikrama on the bill. However, issues with the venue of the gig (Nazrul Manch, Kolkata) have resulted in the festival turning into a single-day event (slated for Saturday, December 8), and as a result, the cancellation of some performances. The festival is being organised by Amistad Events and will feature performances by two international metal bands - Xerath and Bloodshot Dawn - along with Indian vets Demonic Resurrection (pictured) and a few other local acts.

Amistad CEO Anindya Chowdhury told us why the concert was cut down to one day

Nazrul Manch is under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Improvement Trust who are under the obligation to give the venue to the ruling party, or the leading opposition party in the state, at any moment. It doesn’t matter if you’ve booked the venue well in advance because they have the authority to override that booking. And so we have to cancel one day. Unfortunately, due to this, Parikrama, Chhayanot and Ashes In Flames will not be able to play at the festival.

The festival will kick off at 11am in the morning on December 8 with a battle of the bands that will feature a number of acts from Kolkata, like Psyclones, Mind Eras[h]er, Hidden Identity, Torn Symphony, D.N.A or Devil_N_Angel, MaRiJaNe OvErDoSe and Potato Defect. Most of these bands are metalcore or rapcore bands and have interesting names, if nothing else and are all from Kolkata. The festival will also feature other bands from Kolkata that aren’t participating in the show. Check out the full lineup of the festival below.
Still Waters
Demonic Resurrection
Bloodshot Dawn

Entry to the festival will cost Rs 200 and will let attendees catch a whole bunch of new acts, two international acts and seasoned Indian scene veterans as well, making it a pretty sweet deal. India will see a lot of Xerath and Bloodshot Dawn this month. The two metal acts will play the Kohima Metal Festival (details here) right before their performance at the Gojira-headlined Indian Metal Festival.

More from Pandemonium 2012 as we hear it. In the mean time, check out a video of Xerath playing their song ‘False History’ live in Manchester.

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