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South Asian Bands Festival 2012 Gets Contest, Lineup

This year’s festival will see performances by the likes of Shaai’r + Func and Tough On Tobacco, performing alongside bands from Aghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal.

1 Dec, 2012


Indiecision Staff

The annual three-day music festival organised by Seher, the Indian Council For Cultural Relations and the Ministry of External Affairs, the South Asian Bands Festival is back. The event takes place every year at the Purana Qilla in New Delhi and features bands from all the SAARC countries, spanning a variety of genres and styles. The festival has previously seen performances by The Raghu Dixit Project, Pentagram, Shaa’ir + Func, Thermal And A Quarter and Advaita, among others. Last year’s edition saw performances by Indigo Children, Pakistani folk-duo Zeb and Haniya, and rock acts Boomarang and Junkyard Groove.

The 2012 edition of the festival will take place at the Purana Qilla from Friday, December 7 to Sunday, December 9. Musicians also have a chance to perform at the festival through a “Win ‘n Jam” contest. The contest requires musicians who are members of any rock bands to upload a 30-second clip of themselves on the Seher India Facebook page. Interested musicians then have to “get your fans, friends and family to like and comment on the video” and the video with the most likes and comments will win a chance to stage a 15-minute performance on the last day of the festival. The contest will start from December 1 at 12am and will go on till 12am on December 5.

The festival will see some very interesting bands perform at Purana Qilla this year. One of the acts to watch out for will be District Unknown, apparently Afghanistan’s first and possibly, only metal band. The band play psychedelic metal and fuse elements from Afghani folk music into their songs. The band write songs about what they see in Afghanistan and will probably provide concert-goers with a unique perspective into a country that most people know so little about. Check out their performance at the South Central Festival held earlier this year here.

Jindabaad from Nepal play alt-rock but claim to be an art-rock band. The band is one of the most popular acts in their home country and have been playing for a fair number of years. Blaze, from Myanmar sound like a great act to catch just because they are from Myanmar. Remember that amazing interview you read about the Burmese (Myanmari) punk scene? You don’t? Read it here. Blaze will probably be something like that. We’re not really sure because we can’t seem to find anything about the band on the internet, but the set might go on to become a highlight. The Likens are from Bhutan. Bhutan is touted to be the happiest place in the world. The Likens will probably play happy music and raise your spirits, and therefore, you might want to check them out as well.

Check out the full lineup of the South Asian Bands Festival below.

Friday, December 7
Nasya (New Delhi)
LRB (Bangladesh)
Thriloka (Sri Lanka)
Tough On Tobacco (pictured inside) (Mumbai)
Noori (Pakistan)

Saturday, December 8
E-Sa And His Troupe (Maldives)
Digital Suicide (Guwahati)
Shkabang (Mumbai)
Blaze (Myanmar)
Shaa’ir + Func (pictured outside) (Mumbai)

Sunday, December 9
The Likens (Bhutan)
District Unknown (Afghanistan)
Galeej Gurus (Bangalore)
Jindabaad (Nepal)
Clinton Cerejo (Mumbai)

The festival will start at 6pm every day and entry to the festival will be free on all three days. Check out a poster for the event below.

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