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In Pictures: Third Eye Blind @ Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

  • Third Eye Blind
    American alt rockers Third Eye Blind played Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai on Friday, November 30. This was the band's third stop on their four-city India tour, having previously played gigs at the Hard Rock Cafes in Bangalore and Hyderabad earlier this week.

    For many of the fans at the Lower Parel venue (who had shelled out upwards of Rs 2,000 for the show), this was a homecoming of sorts. An intimate familiarity with the band's early material, specifically the band's self-titled debut album and the follow-up Blue, and a strong emotional connection to that music with a bygone collegian era, made for an enthusiastic and adoring crowd. And the band didn't disappoint.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Kryz Reid
    The travelling 3eb guitarist, "Kryz the Irishman" as described by frontman Stephan Jenkins, almost didn't make it to Mumbai as unforeseen "visa issues" meant that his visit to India was touch-and-go.

    Third Eye Blind kicked off their set at around 10pm and non-stop (save for a short break before the encore) for around 90 minutes. Their set comprised big singles from the bands first three albums along with a few songs from the band's 2009 album Ursa Major. The band also played a new song that will appear on their fifth studio album, which will be out in 2013.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • 'Thanks A Lot'
    Hard Rock Cafe was packed on the night, this despite the pricey tickets. Fortunately, the band performed on HRC's other stage (that faces the over-the-bar #failstage). However, the sound left much to be desired. Read this report for a fan perspective on the poor sound at the venue.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Brad Hargreaves
    Hargreaves has been with 3eb pretty much from the start. During the song 'Jumper', lyrics of which boomed from every corner of the room, the drummer played a solo interlude, with a groovebox creating some live dubstep (check out a fan video of that here) and making for an interesting break from the band's big single-after-big single assault.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • "Can I graduate?!"
    The band played seven songs from their eponymous debut album, including 'How's It Going To Be' right at the end. 3eb rarely play 'How's It Going To Be' live these days, and frontman Stephan Jenkins said that he might forget the lyrics. Pshaw, said the adoring room.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Finding Inspiration
    Jenkins said that the band had come to India to find inspiration for writing the band's fifth studio album. While that might sound cliched, the frontman seemed genuinely appreciative of the crowd. "Thank you for loving us," he said, surprised by the fact that India had Third Eye Blind fans.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • "Doo doo doo, doo do doo do"
    The lyrics of almost every song were sung back to the quartet. When the band played the opening refrain of perhaps their most popular song, 'Semi-Charmed Life', during the encore a roar erupted as everyone sang along.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • 'God Of Wine'
    The set wound down with the closing track from that same debut. Plenty of fans could be seen getting misty-eyed while the song played. Many promised to catch the band again by driving down to Pune on Sunday, where the band will play the final stop of their India tour at the Hard Rock Cafe.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Setlist
    'Thanks A Lot'
    'Crystal Baller'
    'Can You Take Me'
    'Never Let You Go'
    'Shipboard Cook'
    'Deep Inside Of You'
    'Slow Motion'
    'Feels So Close' (Calvin Harris cover)/'Motorcycle Drive By'
    'Good For You'
    'Semi-Charmed Life'
    'God Of Wine'
    'How's It Going To Be'
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya


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