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The Circus Sheep EP: 05 – ‘The National Anthem’

The New Delhi alt-rock act release the final song from their EP Sheep. It’s a cover of Radiohead’s ‘The National Anthem’.

30 Nov, 2012


Indiecision Staff

New Delhi alt-rockers The Circus release the final song from their five-track EP Sheep today. The EP was conceived as an exercise in reinterpretation, with the band choosing five songs from some artists they love and covering them in their own style. The idea behind doing this, according to the band, was to present fans with an opportunity to preview the style of the newer material that they are recording for their upcoming album Bats. The band have released four songs from the EP, which consists of two Nine Inch Nails covers (‘Wish‘, ‘We’re In This Together‘), a Nirvana cover (‘School‘) and weirdly enough a cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life‘ (check out a tracklist here).

The fifth song and final song from the EP is a cover of Radiohead’s ‘The National Anthem’ from their seminal album Kid A. The EP, along with this track, will be made available for free download in its entirety on Monday, December 3 through NH7.in. The Circus spoke to us and explained the approach they took to producing this cover,

This is probably our favourite cover from the EP as it is the most eclectic. We did a lot of production exercises in this one; for example, the breaks in the songs are made up entirely of chopped up punk songs, and the vocals are warped in parts so they sound like instruments. We also ran Arsh’s guitars through a very weird, semi-synth rig where both Abhishek and Abhinav were just changing the parameters while we were tracking, so the song is ONE big experiment! It’s also a song we love. This is, probably, the track we’re most proud of (from this EP) and we hope you guys like it as much!

Check out The Circus’ cover of Radiohead’s ‘The National Anthem’.

Check out the original Radiohead version here.

The Circus - 'The National Anthem'

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