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In Pictures: Avial @ CounterCulture, Bangalore

  • Avial
    Malayalam rock act Avial performed at CounterCulture, Bangalore, as part of the India Music Week last week to a packed venue.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Neha Nair
    Nair often features in Avial gigs as a guest vocalist, and lent her voice to a couple of tracks at the CounterCulture performance.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • We all speak the same language
    Counterculture was packed with the band's devoted fanbase, most of whom went nuts when vocalist Tony John began his usual banter in Malayalam.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • That solo so fly!
    Is what we imagine the Kathakali dancer on the wall is saying about Avial guitarist Rex Vijayan's skillz.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • The Lungi Dance
    As expected, Tony John was lungi-clad on stage, and performed the usual antics we've seen at some of the band's other performances.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Gloria Deo Music Festival
    The Kochi group are scheduled to play the Gloria Deo Music Festival in New Delhi this Sunday. Entry to the event is free, but you need to pick up passes here.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Strong arms, much?
    Drummer Mithun Puthanveetil has a massive store of energy, and didn't take a single break throughout the set.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Encores
    Fans in Bangalore were quite exhilarated by the Mallu rockers' performance, and the band came back onstage for an encore.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Setlist
    'Aana Kallan'
    'Njan Aara'
    'Aadu Pambe'
    'Nada Nada'
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar


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