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Kill The Fry Day Returns with Blek, Microphon3, Tritha

The ennui.BOMB gig series will see a new edition in Mumbai this week.

19 Nov, 2012


Indiecision Staff

ennui.BOMB’s Kill The Fry Day gig is returning to the city with an event scheduled at The Little Door, Mumbai, this week. Mumbai alt-punk trio Blek (pictured inside) and Delhi ethno-punk act Tritha Electric (pictured inside) will take the stage at The Little Door, Mumbai, on Friday, November 23. Joining them will be local rap act Microphon3, who’s playing a DJ set.

“When I saw Tritha perform at the Ziro Festival of Music (pictures), I was blown away,” Rishu Singh of ennui.BOMB told us. “I’d wanted to work with her for a while, and she was coming down to Bombay and we thought we’d do a gig with her. This is definitely something that no one should miss. Blek will be performing, and Microphon3 will be doing a DJ set where Tanmay (Bahulekar) will be rapping over live loops.”

Check out the poster for the event:

The poster for Kill The Fry Day. Doodles by Rishu Singh, art by Nikita Shah.

Kill The Fry Day takes place at The Little Door on Friday, November 23, from 6pm to 9pm. Entry fee is Rs 100. 

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