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NH7 Premiere: Watch: ‘Raat Raazi’ – Prateek Kuhad

Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad tells us more about his plans as he premieres his new video, ‘Raat Raazi’ here on NH7.in

18 Sep, 2012

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad is the middle of a transition of sorts. The  Jaipur-born, New York guitarist is looking to move back to India and make his mark on the indie scene in Delhi. People familiar with Kuhad’s music are aware of his simple and soulful approach to music (check out some of his singles here), which is reflected in this video. The song fits the setting pretty well and although Kuhad starts out slow, his unorthodox guitar playing adds some dynamism towards the end. The video is one take which is captured by one fixed camera and so there isn’t really whole lot else to look at, except for Kuhad playing the guitar and singing the song which makes it kinda like one of those amazing Andy McKee Youtube videos.

NH7: So you’re trying to make it as a singer-songwriter in New York as well as New Delhi? What’s the plan then?
Prateek Kuhad: This is a temporary situation. I graduated from NYU a few months ago. I got a chance to get some useful work experience, which I’m doing now. The plan is to move back to India very soon and concentrate on being a musician there.

You use the whole guitar while playing your songs by tapping the strings and hitting the body. How did you pick it up?
I first heard this style of playing the guitar several years ago when I had just started playing the instrument. More recently, one of my favorite musicians, Ben Howard, played one of his songs in this style at a concert I attended. I guess it was just playing in my head a lot. I didn’t plan on intentionally trying to incorporate this in “Raat Raazi”, but when I was writing the song it came very naturally and I just started playing it like that.

For a first video, there isn’t too much happening here. Why is that?
The intention wasn’t to make a video as such. This song is better heard live in my opinion so I thought a good way to introduce it would be to just film myself playing it. I do plan to record “Raat Raazi” in the studio and then come up a more ‘traditional’ music video for it.

You’ll be playing the Bacardi NH7 Weekender later this year, do you have something special in mind for it? Have you played at a music festival before?
I played at the Nola Downtown Festival in New Orleans last year. Nola is a part of the Cutting Edge Music Conference that happens every year. I won a contest hosted on Indaba Music and was the one selected from amongst hundreds of artists to play at the festival. I also played at Baajaa Gaajaa in Pune last year, which is organized by Underscore Records. I try to make every performance as special as I can. I will be debuting a couple of new songs including “Raat Raazi” at the NH7 Weekender, so that should be pretty special (hopefully!).

Do you have a debut/album EP in the works?
My debut EP actually released in July 2011. It’s self-titled and available in India via OK Listen and worldwide on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. I am planning on releasing my first Hindi EP in the coming months. So yes, something is definitely in the works.

Check out the video for Prateek Kuhad’s ‘Raat Raazi’ below.

Prateek Kuhad will play at DROM, New York on Wednesday, September 19. Check out the event Facebook page for more details.

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