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Skrat Return With ‘Skrat In The Shed’

“The decision to take a break was a good one.” The Chennai alt-rockers are back with a video showcase of five new songs.

16 Jun, 2012


Indiecision Staff

Chennai rock outfit Skrat has released a new video featuring demos of a few of their new songs. The 17-minute video, titled ‘Skrat In The Shed’, features the band playing a set of five new songs in a shed. Previously on hiatus, the band got together last year to write new material and has finally debuted the songs through the video.

We spoke to vocalist and guitarist T.T Sriram to find out more about the video and what the band has been up to since their return

Well, we’ve haven’t been up to a lot, as such. We have just been writing songs and jamming and trying to hone our sound. Around after the time we released our first album (Design) we were at a stage where the music was feeling too forced. I mean we had been listening to too many people and opinions on how we should play our music and what we should do and it was creatively stifling us. So the decision to take a break was a good one. Our drummer Tapass went to England to study and we stayed on over here, jamming every once a while and the quiet period gave us time to think and get away from all the stuff that was troubling us. We went and played a gig in England at a small festival, we learned a lot and started cutting down on listening to too much stuff and all of this has sort of unified our songwriting process and sound so I think we’ve become a stronger band now. We’re planning to launch an EP with our new material on it by the end of the year and we’ll be releasing some more stuff and hopefully have an album ready by next year or so.

We have had a lot of music bubbling up to be released but didn’t have a great venue to play it at. The thing with the Chennai scene is that there aren’t too many places where rock music is very popular. Metal always gets the crowd in, but we are still struggling to find a place and this is when I thought of this ‘In The Shed’ idea. So we decided that we’ll play in this shed and record the whole performance and release it online. I had the idea after watching stuff like Balcony TV but I wanted to keep a particular value of production and then the idea was also influenced a lot by things like the Basement Tapes and the Abbey Road Sessions, so that is really it.

Sriram also mentioned that the band is trying to create a series around ‘In The Shed’. The concept of the show will be that any band will come in to perform in the shed and the performance will be recorded and released online. The details of the show have not been finalised but will be released soon. They are currently in talks with other bands to arrange for a second performance. For now, watch Skrat perform In The Shed below.

Keep watching this space for more from Skrat and In The Shed.

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