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Mad O Wot Readies Circus-Based Concept Video

Mad O Wot Productions and Arijit Datta of Airport have released a preview of their new, circus-themed music video.

8 May, 2012

Naman Saraiya

Contributing Writer

Mumbai hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani’s salon Mad O Wot has dabbled in film productions in the past. Their latest promo (watch below) for a project titled Ruh was released recently, and we caught up with her and Airport frontman Arijit Datta, whose music has been used in the clip, to know more about the project.

Bhavnani rented the legendary Rambo Circus for one day of the two-day shoot. Datta had a new tune in mind. He created a operatic pop tune, and got Carlton Braganza from Bangalore to sing the operatic vocals while singing the Hindi bits himself. The lyricist of the song, Vishesh Kannan, committed suicide last month. Since then, Bhavnani was uncertain of what to do with the video, which has been ready for a few months now, and plans to premiere it via NH7.in soon, as a homage to the late lyricist.

The main idea behind the video, Bhavnani says, was “to use the circus as a metaphor of life.” She explains, “We’re always chasing things, trying to be rich and famous, and at times become soulless,” insisting that the we reach points of time, “when we don’t want to give up.” We also caught up with Datta, who informed us that the basic idea of the composition was born while he watched Inception; a particular track called ‘Time’ inspired him and he wanted to create something on similar lines. “So when Sapna discussed the idea with me, I had this concept in my head and it came together. I always wanted to do something cinematic and operatic, and her idea helped push the boundaries as well to adjust to the idea,” says Datta. The Airport man talked about his love for opera, and how he always had Carlton Braganza in mind for a project like this, and kept telling him about it for four years. “When this came together, he was the right person and he brought in his ideas as well, which helped it evolve and take shape and then I thought about putting in my vocals, and it worked,” he says of the involvement of Braganza in the track.

“Vishesh, the lyricist, wrote this song and he’s written a lot of material for Airport as well, which we’re planning to release slowly. He had this incredible grasp over this sort of stuff, especially the language of Urdu and when we shared the idea with him, he came up with some lines and then Carlton adapted to the style so well,” explains Datta. “He (Carlton) then he picked out some lines from the Bible and it worked out well. It’s also a little eerie and it’s kind of bizarre that what we’re writing about, actually happened and it’s very strange. The song has just evolved into something else now. The song holds a new meaning now, and its just something else. We did it a while ago, and now when we look at it, I don’t even know how to put it, but it’s more than just special.”

Expect the Tim Burton-esque video to premiere soon.

Watch the teaser below.

RUH .. COMING SOON! from sapna bhavnani on Vimeo.

Also, watch this short film by Sapna Bhavnani.

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