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Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 13

In the this edition of Double Tap, The Zombie Watch, we look at zombie safe houses. Home is where your heart is (and where your shotgun is).

5 May, 2012

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch is our first line of defense against the undead scourge. Join us as we search for all things zombie and zombie-related, but don’t forget to double tap. Safety first!

A man’s home is his castle (it’s also where he keeps his weapons) but it can also be much more than that. When a wave of zombies is approaching your domicile, you must be able to count on your walls, windows and door to keep ‘em out. There are already many “zombie-proof” homes in the world and even though you might not be able to afford them, you can certainly take the best from them and zombie-proof your own house.

The Anti-Zombie Fortress, Fukoka Prefecture, Japan

What used to be a tower at an abandoned coal mine in Japan is now an international symbol of zombie defense. The tower at the Shime Coal Mine in Fukoka Prefecture, Japan can only be entered through a special cable system and the entrance to the tower is over 120 feet off the ground. Even though decades have passed since the coal mine was abandoned in 1964, the tower still stands tall. Reddit (that place where great minds meet) was where the potential for this fortress was realized. Seeing that the structure was so high off the ground that zombies could not just walk into the spacious office area in the tower, Redditors quickly spread the pictures of the Shime Coal Mine tower around the Internet. One very bored Redditor pointed out how the tower could be overwhelmed only if 400,000 zombie corpses were stacked onto each other. Since that event is highly unlikely, the tower is a fantastic example of good anti-zombie architecture. So, a structure that is high off of the ground and cannot be accessed easily by zombies is definitely the way to go.

The Safe House

This zombie-proof house is a beautiful residence that would be a dream for a lot people. It is known as the ‘Safe House’ and it is located in Poland. The house itself looks like a cozy place that would meet the needs of most people. There is a swimming pool and a gym and the inner walls are made of extremely thick glass which means the house gets a lot of natural light. The entrance is accessible only by a drawbridge which is located on the second floor. If things get ugly, the walls of the house are movable and before you know it the house turns into a huge concrete square. The residents are now surrounded by concrete that is 12-inches thick and the drawbridge gets raised meaning nobody goes in or out. Now that’s a zombie-proof house!

There are many more zombie homes such as this brilliant attempt at making an anti-zombie ship and this collection of seaforts in England. So get creative and prepare your own anti-zombie hideaway. Try and keep it off the ground and add a rope ladder for easy access or perhaps you can reinforce the windows and doors making them harder to break… the possibilities are endless. If you still can’t figure out what do, why not check out the Zombie Safe House Competition, where competitors around the world have sent in their best safe house designs and you could try building one too.

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