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India Rock Weekend, Day 1: Blakc, Indus Creed

  • Shawn Pereria
    Grunge rockers Blakc opened the India Rock Weekend at Lower Parel venue to a lot of black t-shirts.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Reinhardt Dias
    Dias plays lead for Blakc. In the semi-acoustic, semi-live setup, the band sounded much tighter in the electric parts than in the opening acoustic bit.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Blakc
    The grunge rockers, who've been active since 2006, are working on their sophomore album. We spoke to Anish Menon, guitarist of the band, about it. Stay tuned for an interview.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Shishir Thakur
    Thakur plays drums for Blakc, and his energy at the Lower Parel venue transcended the rest of the band.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Anish Menon
    Menon plays rhythm guitars for the band, and talks a lot.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Light Setup
    The light setup was interesting at the Frog last night. The variations didn't allow too many close-ups of the band members, which changed quickly as Indus Creed came on. PS: It was also bassist Roop's birthday! Have a good one!
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Uday Benegal
    Benegal is the frontman of what Blue Frog defined as the "pioneers of rock n' roll" in India. The band sounded way better than their previous performance at the JD Rock Awards 2012, but retained their brand of synth-heavy '80s pop-rock.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Indus Creed
    The rock vets from Mumbai recently reunited, and are releasing their new album, Evolve, on Universal Records. The announcement was made during the performance.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Zubin Balaporia
    The reticent Balaporia plays keys for the band, and was almost hidden during the entirety of the gig.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Sheldon D'Silva
    D'Silva filled in for original bassist Rushad Mistry last night. He played an extended bass solo during the encore which warranted this shot.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Jai Row Kavi
    Vasanth, as he's known nowadays, plays drums in the band's new lineup and was his usual, excellent self behind the kit.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya


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