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Gig Preview: Fireflies Festival 2012

The annual Fireflies Festival of Music returns with a major change to its format and a lacklustre lineup.

17 Feb, 2012

Arjun S Ravi


The annual Fireflies Festival of Music returns to Bangalore in a new avatar this weekend (head to the Fireflies Ashram on Sunday, Feb 19). The festival, previously an all-night affair, will now wrap up at 10pm with performances starting at noon. This year, the lineup too takes a hit, with few truly outstanding names on the bill and a few repeats from 2011′s edition.

The Fireflies Ashram, on the outskirts of Bangalore (map), is a beautiful venue with the performances taking place under a banyan tree at the open-air amphitheatre. We’ve reported on both the 2010 and the 2011 editions of the festival, and though we do have regular gripes about the programming, the festival experience at the ashram is matched by only a few events in the country. A lot of that has to with the feeling of community and positivity at the venue, fostered by a BYOP (Bring Your Own Poison) policy and the fact that this is was one of the few events that really went on all night. We’re unsure whether the festival will be able to replicate that same vibe with the early curfew, and with a lacklustre lineup, Fireflies 2012 has much to make good.

Filter Coffee
La Pongal
Safia Gharbi
Shabnam Virmani
Something Relevant
Om Viloma ft. Amit Heri

Tickets are available here (best of luck opening this link, we’ve been trying for days), and will be available at the venue as well. Check out our man Prateek Biswas’ excellent photo diary from 2011′s edition of the festival, here.

Check out the festival poster below.

Fireflies Festival 2012

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