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Demonic Resurrection Funds Video Using Fans

Not by selling fans to a sheikh’s harem. The Mumbai metal band are sourcing money from their fans to help fund the production of a music video for their song ‘A Tragedy Befallen’.

14 Feb, 2012


Indiecision Staff

On February 8, Mumbai death metal band Demonic Resurrection announced their intention to launch a fan-funded music video project. We spoke to lead singer Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija, who came up with the idea

The idea came from websites such as Kickstarter and PledgeMusic. I had been checking out these websites when we were doing Headbanger’s Kitchen due to a shortage of funds. Kickstarter and PledgeMusic were one of the options we explored but I realised that Kickstarter only works for people in the US and PledgeMusic only takes donations via credit card. I figured that this would alienate a lot of people from India and other countries who might consider contributing to a project of this sort. This was one of the reasons why we decided to do this independently.

Another thing that pushed the idea forward was when the band discovered this video of a young drummer from Meghalaya who played on a makeshift drum kit.

We promoted the video a bit and Agnee, from Pune, decided that they wanted to gift the kid a kit! People pitched in and it was great to see this kind of response. Right now we’re talking to our dealer so that we can ship it to Meghalaya through Kolkata or something but I’m not sure if it has been sent or is in the process of being sent.

This got me thinking and we decided to take a chance with this project. After speaking to Indian Music Revolution and LUBUS, we set up a system for the fans to pledge money. Once they pledge, we send them an email telling them of the various methods they can use to contribute. From money order forms to net banking, we’ve covered almost every avenue to make it easier for the fans to contribute.

Makhija’s site had varying amounts of money that you could contribute, from Rs 250 to Rs 5000, and each amount had a perk. Check out the incentives below (as stated on their “demonic pledge” website here).

Rs 250 – Exclusive premier
Rs 500 – Exclusive premier and updates
Rs 1000 – Get credited
Rs 1500 – Get featured
Rs 2000 – Personal video message
Rs 4000 – Free guitar lesson
Rs 5000 – Get on the set

The band will be shooting a video for the song ‘A Tragedy Befallen’. The video will be directed by Srinivas Sunderrajan (check out our interview with him here) of Enter Guerrilla Films, who also directed the band’s previous music video ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’. Both songs are from the band’s latest studio album The Return To Darkness.

There is no concept that we have decided upon for the music video. Once we get the money in our hands, we will sit down with Vaas and the others to come up with an idea for the video. The project is going to involve heavy fan interaction and we will be giving constant updates only to the people who have pledged us money. I think we’ll have the money in two weeks so the video should be done in about six to eight weeks. The money collection process is going to be extremely tedious but I’m really excited about the whole thing. About a 100 people pledged and we’ve raised just slightly more than the amount we wanted to. The important thing is that we know this sort of thing can happen and that makes so many things possible for a musician because you might not have to constantly tour to support yourself and your fans can really support you even if they download your music instead of buying it.

More from DR’s fan-funded video project soon. In the mean time, check out the music video for ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’ below.

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