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Kala Ghoda Goes 3D With Tracy Lee Stum

The internationally renowned street artist will leave her mark at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this week.

8 Feb, 2012


Indiecision Staff

The 2012 edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival runs from Saturday, Feb 4 to Saturday, Feb 11. As in previous years, the festival features a host of musical performances, art installations, film screenings, heritage walks and workshops. Contributing to the art installations in SoBo this year is renowned 3D street artist Tracy Lee Stum, who is on a tour of India sponsored by the American Centre of the US Consulate General. Stum has been creating interactive 3D artwork for the last 14 years and has gone on to gain immense critical acclaim and popularity. We caught up with her last night and got an idea of what you can expect her to do at Kala Ghoda.

The piece I will be doing at Kala Ghoda will be a 15×20 foot interactive chalk drawing. The theme will be something like traditional meets contemporary or East meets West or something like that. It’s going to evolve organically so who knows what we’ll see on Thursday. I have a basic concept in mind but after that I sort of let my paintings evolve into what they need to. The shape it takes really depends on my environment, the surface, what’s around me and things like that and how I can make people get into the painting. My key focus is to make the people get into the painting on some level and interact. I will be painting with two local artists who have never worked with me before and will give them a crash course in 3D chalk tomorrow!

This will be Tracy’s second tour in India, the first being in 2009. We asked her how this tour was different from the other one,

The previous tour experience was a lot different because it involved going to a lot of government colleges and universities and teaching workshops to the students and student body. This tour has been a lot more about creating public demonstrations about of the work in public areas where people from all ages and professions can come and participate. I have been doing a few workshops this time but not just in universities. I’m generally bound to a schedule when I am here and that doesn’t allow me to move around much but I have visited a few villages where I did a couple of little impromptu one-offs for school kids.

As an artist, she explains, her ideation process is not very different from a normal painter’s but the technical implications of her work (converting images into 3D) hold her back to some extent.

I think that the method involves certain restrictions but that is one of the advantages too because it allows you to overcome those restrictions and think outside the box. I think every aspiring 3D artist should develop a sense of thinking in 3D and seeing things in 3D and understanding the full view of a form instead of just one view.

In her view, street art is exciting because artists offer up their work to the public and the elements to create an experience that is momentary and something the person can take away with him or herself. She also mentioned that her current favourite artist is the French graffiti artist JR.

You can check out Tracy’s interactive 3D art at the Kala Ghoda Festival’s Traffic Island today and tomorrow. Check out this video of a street painting workshop conducted by Tracy Lee Stum at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi in 2009.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Workshop – New Delhi, India 2009 from Tracy Stum on Vimeo.

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