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Dubstep DJ, Jake Dubber, Releases Fifth Album

The 19-year-old DJ throws out some hard and heavy beats in his latest album as he makes a name for himself in the Mumbai scene.

4 Jan, 2012


Indiecision Staff

Newbie from New Zealand, Jake Dubber released his latest dubstep album on December 31, 2011 titled December. Dubber moved to Birmingham, England in 2004 at the age of 11 and has been active since August 2010.

December is part of a four-album project that began in 2011 where he dedicated three months to working on an album, at the end of which he compiles the songs and release them. His previous albums were March, June and September. In total, he has 37 recordings, with five remixes spread across the four albums. Prior to this, in 2010 Dubber’s debut album, 30 Days of New Tracks, was an endeavour to create a-track-a-day for a month.

Sound engineer, academician, as well as radio and music industry consultant, Andrew Dubber talks of his son’s progress during the past three years

2010 was about learning how to do it. 2011 was about sophistication, the process of composition and fine-tuning of technical skills. I’m really excited to see what 2012 will be about for his music.

Jake Dubber tells us how he feels about his 2011 project

Through 2011, I’d been releasing an album every three months containing everything I made in those 12 weeks. At the start of the year I was pretty awful to be honest, but I think of it as ‘growing up in public’. I didn’t see any point in locking myself in a shed until I had a masterpiece because I’ll never get any feedback. December was a really nice way to finish off the project – I think I’ve come a long way.

1.Yah Mon
2.Theek Hai
6.Rostik – One Day, Things Will All Be Different (Jake Dubber remix)

Dubber’s album December is up for free (or pay a little something for his upkeep) download here. Below is one of our favourite picks from the album, ‘Yah Mon’.

Check out the cover art for December below, created by Dubber himself.

FACT: Jake Dubber had two dead goldfish called Fluffy and Spotty.

Jake Dubber currently works in Mumbai for NH7. 

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