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My 2011: Shri

From Shri to Shrilektric, we get a progress report on his year that was, along with his favourite songs and albums of 2011.

27 Dec, 2011




It’s been a very very important year. For the last couple of years, I have been trying to reinvent myself. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m reinventing myself. I’ve been working. I’ve been gigging and all that but I was just getting a bit… like I wanted to do something different, something new, something that makes you feel different. And this year, it started in January. I started buying these loopers and buying these certain kinds of machines that would allow me to do a solo gig, but then the gig was just not happening.

Then going through the year, I ended up doing a gig for Hennessy Artistry in Bangalore. And then I ended up doing another concert  for Taj Vivanta and finding these new spaces of performance in myself and then it came to The Dewarists. And The Dewarists was brilliant in two ways, it was just a very freeing experience and it was just lovely in many, many ways and it was great for my profile too in the country. And then going from there to playing the Blue Frog gig that I did playing as Shrilektric. Playing that was when I think reinvention was complete. It was great because this year was my year where Shri became Shrilektric.

Here are my top five favourites of 2011.

The xx
‘The Islands’



Little Dragon



John Hassell
Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes On The Street 



Magnetic Men
Magnetic Men 



Amon Tobin



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Most recently, Shri has done the soundtrack for the latest Google Chrome Ad. Check it out here

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