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Under The Christmas Tree: Gaurav Raina and Ankur Tewari

Gaurav Raina and Ankur Tewari put together a downtempo electronica tune under the Christmas tree.

24 Dec, 2011


Indiecision Staff

We got some of our favourite Indian artists to give us unreleased tracks that we could give away to our readers as free downloads for Christmas. It’s the season of giving, and this is what’s Under The Christmas Tree.

Gaurav Raina (of Midival Punditz) and Ankur Tewari (of Ankur and The Ghalat Family) have collaborated on a new track called ‘A Distant Rumble’.

Raina reveals how the track was created and what it’s all about.

In his many trips to Delhi, Ankur dropped into my Village Studio one evening, armed with an acoustic guitar, and started to jam on an electronic loop I was working on. The jam lasted over six hours and out of that emerged ‘A Distant Rumble’. Its an exploration into sound textures, harmonics and hard beats.

Download ‘A Distant Rumble’ here.

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