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Double Tap, The Zombie Watch: Volume 3

Let’s face it, Wikipedia is an insufficient source of information when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. This edition of Double Tap, The Zombie Watch will introduce you to the ultimate zombie survival wiki.

22 Dec, 2011

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

Double Tap, The Zombie Watch is our first line of defense against the undead scourge. Join us as we search for all things zombie and zombie-related, but don’t forget to double tap. Safety first!

Survival of the fittest has always been Mother Nature’s motto, but surviving a zombie apocalypse is more than just about physical and mental fitness. We’ve given you zombie-related entertainment so far but the serious business of survival is very important and we will be giving you regular updates about how to live comfortably through the apocalypse and beyond! To kick things off, we will look at sources of zombie survival information starting with an excellent wiki for zombie survival.

Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki
The key to any survival plan is a keen understanding of all the possible situations you can find yourself in. It is entirely possible that you haven’t made a zombie apocalypse contingency plan (few things are sadder than watching the unorganized get devoured by the hordes, so don’t be part of the problem!) and if this is the case then you probably don’t know where to start. Fear not because the Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki is a wiki that has detailed chapters on all those niggling questions you had in the back of your head. This community has been around for more than four years now and has over 10,000 members! The community is strong and tolerant, so play nice and you’ll be treated well. This is so much better than Wikipedia, that only seems to make you feel guilty about not contributing anything to it or donating any money for it’s upkeep (plus, Jimmy Wales already seems to look like a zombie).

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will soon start making even more personal appeals (Source: 9GAG)

The wiki has many resources which are important in the planning for the apocalypse, but the members themselves are such valuable source of information. For instance, instead of making your own plan you can look at plans made by other users (you can check that out here). The discussion forums are pretty active too and you can ask all kinds of questions from the stupid and the mundane to the complex and philosophical. Remember, ask whatever questions you need to because they might stupid questions now but they could give you answers that save your life later! Hell, they even have a section on cooking! Seriously though, they thought of everything.

Repopulation algorithms and tips? No thanks, we're already experts at this.

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