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Pics: Live From The Console @ Mehboob Studios, Mumbai

The sixth edition of Live From The Console on Saturday, December 17 featured Lucy Swann Trio, Turfe and Goddess Gagged.

21 Dec, 2011


Indiecision Staff

Lucy Swann Trio
When a vocalist/keyboard player, beatboxer and double bass player make up a band, it’s fair to assume that they will perk people’s curiousities. With no first impressions except, “This chick is cute,” Lucy Swann breaks out into acapella beats (using her trusty loop pedals), rhythms of mystical electronica with her own soulful croon and screech. Bringing in the hard, gritty beats was beatboxer Droolian (Julian Sommerfelt), while Christian Skjønhaug broke out a sensual and melodic bassline.

Lucy Swann of Lucy Swann Trio

Her girlie, “Didilidi, dumdididumdidi,” laid a great constrast to Droolian’s, “Boom boom baddish,” beats. Some highlights of the set included Swann’s spine-shattering gospel solo that closed the set, and beaboxer Droolian’s mad skillz on the microphone where he bobbed and weaved between drum and bass, dubstep, ragga, two-step, UK garage, and hip hop, barely taking a deep pranayama breath of air.

Christian Skjønhaug of Lucy Swann Trio

After the Norwegian trio’s performance, Kolkata alt-rockers Turfe were quite the damp squib. What looked like a promising set opener, only led to a downhill outing for the band. The quintet from the east lacked personality on stage, and between songs they were just plain uncomfortable. One such instance where they opened their mouths to speak… “We were once drinking, and, then we got drunk and watched the National Geographic channel and then made a song called ‘Puffins’.” Oh dear. Patronising pat on the head.

Their sound showed faint recall value to a pre-mature and tamer version of Wolfmother or The Raconteurs. However, this was completely dispelled when we realised that the added ‘e’ in Turfe stood for (teenage angst-ridden) emo. Off-key vocals, generic guitar riffs and unnecessarily loud backing vocals only made the set go from bad to worse. The only shine came out of the back end of the band, ie the drummer, who gave seasoned variations and articulations to his performance. Maybe it’s a time warp the city is stuck in, musically, as this album by Cassini’s Division proved.

Romit Sen of Turfe

Goddess Gagged
These prog rockers, who recently released their debut album Resurfaces (review here), are pretty much at the top of their game. After winning Bangalore law college’s Strawberry Fields last year, the band have been making waves in the music scene in the last year, expanding their fanbase and cementing their position in the metal fraternity.

Siddharth Basrur of Goddess Gagged

The boys from Mumbai played their entire album as their setlist, plus one new song. Frontman Siddharth Basrur was his usual energetic self, prancing around stage, and engaging the audience – “You guys are supposed to go, yeah.” The rest of the band were perfectly asymmetrical with their staccato drums and meshy guitars to create a tight hammer of relentless metallic sound. Highlights of the night included their performance of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ which featured fairly early in the set.

Devesh Dayal of Goddess Gagged

As has been the case with previous editions, Live From The Console makes for a great evening. Also, this happened.

Photos by Naman Saraiya

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