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Life OK Presents Mahadev Rockathon

Watch the kvltest concert promo you’ve seen in a while, and learn more about the epic Mahadev Rockathon right here.

17 Dec, 2011


Indiecision Staff

The launch of a new channel calls for a celebration and nothing says celebration quite like a free Hindu God-themed web concert. Fans of music and free web concerts need to look no further than Life OK‘s Mahadev Rockathon which will take place on their YouTube channel on December 18 between 12 pm and 8 pm. The event will also serve to launch the new channel Life OK and there will be live acts and stand-up comedy as well as other programs. The lineup for the concert itself is quite varied with acts like Indus Creed and Agnee sharing the stage with Shaa’ir + Func.

The real surprise here has to be the absolutely bizarre Shiva theme that the show seems to have. Watching the promo video has quite a lot of kvlt value since the video seems to be an over-the-top affair which has various images flashing quickly on-screen (the video should come with a seizure warning). The images that are flashed on-screen the most are those of Shiva in various poses and it never seems to be explained why he’s involved in the Rockathon at all. For some reason it comes across as a comically bad attempt at subliminal messaging. Aside from the completely disconnected Shiva theme, the random images and priceless messages such as “Be there or get left out” make this kvlt gold. Check out the lineup of the gig below.

Mahadev Rockathon Lineup
Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Shaa’ir + Func
Indus Creed
Salim Sulaiman
Kailash Kher
Shilpa Rao

Watch the kvlt promo video for Mahadev Rockathon below.

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