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Pics: Social Suicide, Torch, Final Surrender, Theorized @ Kyra, Bangalore

The Norwegian punk act performed alongside local metallers at Kyra recently. All the setlists, and photos, inside.

17 Oct, 2011

Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Contributing Photographer

Norwegian punk act Social Suicide (tour deets), and metal act Torch (tour deets) played Kyra, Bangalore alongside local metallers Final Surrender (photos from recent gig alongside Zygnema, Guillotine at Manajsa, New Delhi here) and Theorized. Social Suicide closed their India tour last night at the Blue Frog, Mumbai alongside Goddess Gagged and Scribe (help them win an MTV EMA!). We’ve got some photos and setlists from the gig at Kyra.

Setlist (Final Surrender)
‘Signs of Serenity’
‘In Thy Hands’
‘End Of Myself’
‘My Thoughts Forward’

Setlist (Torch)
‘Phase Reverse’
‘Lust Trigger’
‘Cause of Death’
‘Creamed Cheese & Ritalins’

Setlist (Theorized)
‘Bound Unbound’
‘Genetic Variants’
‘Venomous Tormentia’

Setlist (Social Suicide)
‘Mail From The Watchtower’
‘Death Of New Kings’
‘Harlots & Prophets’
‘I’d Rather’
‘Rodeo III’
‘The Last Martyrs’
‘Enemy Cave’
’5th Man On A Dead Man’s Grave’
‘Foregin Cults’
‘Broken Pilgrims’

Photos by Abhimanyu Ghoshal. Stay tuned for a full gallery of photos.

Final Surrender @ Kyra, Bangalore

Torch @ Kyra, Bangalore

Theorized @ Kyra, Bangalore

Social Suicide @ Kyra, Bangalore

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