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menwhopause Release Video Of Northeast India Tour

The New Delhi alt rockers have released a short video clip that features scenes from their recent tour of the northeast.

12 Oct, 2011

Naman Saraiya

Contributing Writer

New Delhi alt rockers menwhopause recently went on a tour of northeast India  (deets here) in support of their album Easy (review here). The band has been touring extensively over the last couple of months and we’ve caught them at several gigs across the country, including Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and one at a Landmark Bookstore in Mumbai.

The band recently released a short clip that is essentially a montage of their experiences on the northeast tour. We spoke to the band about the clip

This short clip was just a quick summary of  the tour because everyone kept asking us to share details, while we had sworn that ‘what happens on tour stays on tour!’

There are a few videos that we could sit and edit for a longer version depending on what each of us is willing to share on a public forum!

But there were lots of key incidents that people should know about – in Arunachal Pradesh, we spent one entire day at the Donyi Polo Mission School for the Hearing Impaired and the Visually Challenged which was honestly a memorable experience for us. It’s quite something hanging out with kids who can’t hear but are still in awe of you because you are musicians. Then we jammed with the visually impaired kids who were all so completely into the music and loved the acoustic guitar riffs from ‘Fly Away’. As musicians and performers, it makes you reevaluate the way you treat your own senses.

One of the incidents people should NOT know about was when we were partying post-gig in Itanagar and Paul kind of fancied this girl. Turned out she wasn’t a girl after all!

Check out the short mobile video they’ve made below.

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