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Pics: Gary Lawyer @ High Spirits, Pune

Finally, a live Gary Lawyer photo set!

19 Sep, 2011

Mehr Singh

Contributing Photographer

In what is a first for us, we’ve got you photos from rock ‘n roll legend Gary Lawyer‘s gig at High Spirits, Pune on September 16. Though most audience members comprised of people notably older than the usual punters at the Koregaon Park venue, some younger punters decided to give the cover-laden set a listen. Most members in the audience evidently loved the veteran and sang along with him to every song that he belted out.

One particular guy in the crowd also yelled out, “Go Gary! You rock my nights!”

‘New York’
‘Sweet Caroline’ (Neil Diamond cover)
‘Mustang Sally’ (Mark Rice cover)
‘Break On Through’ (The Doors cover)
‘Achy Breaky Heart’ (Don Von Tress cover)
‘Arms Around You’ (Gary Barlow cover)
‘One Night’
‘Rock n’ Roll Medley’
‘Hoochie Man Into Steamroller’
‘L.A. Woman’ (The Doors cover)
‘My Sacrifice’ (Creed cover)
‘I Want To Break Free’ (Queen cover)
‘She’s All Mine’
‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ (Elvis Presley cover)
‘Roadhouse Blues’ (The Doors cover)

Photos by Mehr Singh

Gary Lawyer @ High Spirits, Pune

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