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Metallica Announce India Tour 2011 Dates

The American thrash metal pioneers will play two dates in Gurgaon and Bangalore this October. Check inside for details, including the obligatory terrible Metallica cover.

2 May, 2011


Indiecision Staff

Los Angeles thrash metal pioneers Metallica will play two dates in India this October. Confirmed via the band’s website yesterday, the quartet will play F1 Rocks in Gurgaon and a date in Bangalore under the Sonisphere banner. The official announcement comes on the heels of bassist Rob Trujillo’s revelation that the band would play the country later this year. According to the announcement, tickets go on sale May 4.

Indiecision broke the story of the Metallica tour through a poorly-timed post over a month ago. We haven’t been so on the ball since the Bryan Adams tour saga.

October 28 – F1 Rocks – HUDA Grounds, Gurgaon
October 30 – Sonisphere – Palace Grounds, Bangalore

UPDATE: The Sonisphere date is actually a Rock In India date. Last year, Rock In India was awesome.

Fearing the wrath of Lars Ulrich, once again we refrain from embedding an actual Metallica video. Instead, enjoy a terribad a capella version of ‘Battery’ from Germany’s Van Canto. Yeah, they sing the guitar parts.

More from the Metallica India tour as we hear it!

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