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Raghu Dixit Album Hits #1 on iTunes, Amazon World Music Charts

Bangalore folk giants The Raghu Dixit Project never run out of exceptional news – their debut album’s hit #1 on the iTunes and Amazon charts. We’ve got details and a beautiful collaborative video inside.

14 Apr, 2011


Indiecision Staff

Raghu Dixit is riding what seems like an unending wave of success. His folk act The Raghu Dixit Project‘s album has now hit #1 on the iTunes World Music charts in the UK, and #1 on Amazon UK’s Movers and Shakers list. Fun fact: Most Amazon customers who buy Raghu Dixit’s album end up purchasing it with Adele’s 21. Just like Last.fm’s similar artists recommend Eddie Van Halen if you like Rajasthan Roots.

In an interview with The Guardian, Dixit tells his incredible story and explains his endeavors to take Kannada folk music across international borders

“It’s necessary for me to create sensational concerts outside India. It increases pride in the language if a Kannada speaker is getting standing ovations at British festivals.”

Born into a conservative family, Dixit wasn’t allowed to listen to western music, wear jeans, or play guitar “which was associated with Christianity”. At Mysore university, he studied for an MA in microbiology, getting the highest marks in his year. It was while working in Belgium as a pharmaceutical researcher that his landlord heard him singing, and arranged for him to appear on a Brussels radio station. The response was so encouraging that Dixit returned to India, determined to become a musician.

It took him seven years to succeed, scraping together enough money to record an album of his own songs.

The band recently played a tour of North America, and appeared on Later… With Jools Holland with the Arcade Firewho they didn’t know about at the time. In the video below, Dixit collaborates with two members of eleven-piece English folk band Bellowhead- who weave a forest around his soulful Kannada folk and silvery acoustic guitar, using a bass clarinet and trumpet. A collaborative project is in the works and we’ll keep you in the loop about it as soon as we get more details

Watch their spontaneous jam over TRDP’s ‘Soruthihudu Maneya Maligi’ below.

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