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Christ College Sets National Beatboxing Record

Christ College, Bangalore set out to create a national record for the Largest Beatbox Ensemble. 2,500 students performed a synchronized beatboxing performance, and found themselves a spot in the Limca Book of World Records.

13 Jan, 2011

Grishma Rao

Writer At Large

We’ve come pretty far musically if colleges are taking the initiative to make organized efforts toward breaking national beatboxing records. On Monday, Jan 10, 2,500 students from Christ Junior College, Bangalore set out to create a new record for the Largest Beatbox Ensemble, under the guidance of established professional beatboxer and third-year student Vineeth Vincent.

Vincent has performed with the likes of Bauchklang and The Boxettes, and is entirely self-taught. The students put on a perfectly coordinated four-minute beatboxing performance for the Limca Book of World Records panel, a few gazetted officers and army and government officials, at a morning event titled Can You Say Beat Box? held at the Christ University auditorium.

The students have been practising beatboxing for a while now, and the college aims for them to hone their skills.

(via DNA)

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