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Textures To Headline Blitzkreig, IIT Delhi

Blitzkrieg, the music leg of IIT Delhi’s annual cultureal festival Rendezvous, will be headlined by Dutch metal act Textures. Details inside.

18 Oct, 2010

Grishma Rao

Writer At Large

IIT Delhi’s answer to IITB’s sumo wrestling is Anushka Sharma dancing.

The college’s answer to IIT Bombay’s headliner, Swedish act Katatonia, is Dutch band Textures. They counter IITB’s cliched paintball with laser tag, because paintball is so passé and HIMYM is of course, Godmax.

Blitzkrieg, to be held on Saturday, Oct 23, is IIT Delhi’s answer to Livewire music competition which is part of their answer to Mood Indigo annual cultural fest Rendezvous. It will be headlined by Dutch band Textures, who played a successful Deccan Rock gig in Bangalore last year. Check them out on MySpace.

The Delhi prelims will be opened by UK metal act De Profundis tomorrow, on the first date of their India tour (win a free copy of their album A Bleak Reflection) and here’s the rest of the lineup, with De Profundis coming on at 9pm along with the declaration of results:

5:00-5:25 : Phobia
5:30-5:55 : Poured on Ice
6:00-6:25 : Thy Chaos
6:30-6:55 : Silent Existence
7:00-7:25 : Arcane Deception
7:30-7:55 : October
8:00-8:25 : Jester
8:30-8:55 : Prithvi

The bands selected from the other elimination rounds are:

Bangalore – Inner Sanctum
Mumbai – Blind Ritual
Kolkata – TBA

Watch this video from their album Drawing Circles.

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