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CinePlay Festival Begins in Mumbai Today
Members of the theatre community are generally optimistic about the new possibilities this medium has for Indian theatre.
The Indiecision Guide to Upcoming Releases 2015
From Midival Punditz to menwhopause, Swarathma to Sky Rabbit, here are all the releases from Indian indie artists you can look forward to in 2015.
Akhtari, a Tribute to Begum Akhtar, Returns for Four Shows
As part of the Stage42 festival, the ghazal queen’s life will be narrated in an extraordinary manner, intermingling storytelling with a musical performance.
Delhi Newbies North Release Video for Debut Single 'White Flag'
Singer-songwriter Jordan Johnson's new project North have released their debut single.
Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez Release New EP
Sleaze is a four-track EP that was recently released on the Berlin label Terminal M.
Award-winning Play, The Interview, Returns for Two Shows
Akvarious Productions’ longest-running play is set to return after almost a year as part of the Stage42 festival.
"I don't think Indians lack a sense of humour" - Jaideep Varma talks I Am Offended
I Am Offended is a documentary about comedy in India featuring interviews with some of Indian comedy's most recognisable names.
New Photography Exhibition Puts Spotlight on the Closely Guarded World of Kusti
Swarathma man Pavan KJ brings some striking images to the Kala Ghoda festival.


Family Business: Revisiting Joint Family's Hot Box
In which we explore the trajectory of India's definitive nu-metal act, and digitally reissue their debut album.
Review: Pariah - Frame/Frame
The Pariah EP is a highly listenable release that's as cinematic as it's danceable.
Anish Sood Talks Indian Dance Music Audiences, the 'EDM Bubble', More
We caught up with the Goan DJ/producer and spoke to him about his career so far, and what he thinks the future holds for the Indian dance music industry.
Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Making The Dewarists TV Series
When you watch the show, you watch a 22-minute distillation of a process that consists of several steps and lasts for months. This is the story of that process.
Kanan Gill Walks Into A Bar
The breadth of opinion surrounding Kanan is vast. But how much do we actually know about the guy?
The Art of Not Giving a Fuck: Indian Comedians Weigh In on Bill Burr
In anticipation of Bill Burr's upcoming India debut, we talked to a bunch of Indian comics about how he's influenced them.
I Didn't Know There Was a Crime Writing Scene in India
....and other lessons from India's first Crime Writers Festival.
"I like hiding behind characters" - Anuvab Pal Talks The Empire
The critically acclaimed stand-up comedian and playwright tells us about his latest show.
In Conversation with Clerke and Joy
The UK theatre production duo talk about their play Falls 2-11, which they will perform while accompanied by live music this week at Prithvi Theatre. We've also got a special behind-the-scenes Audiolizer inside!
Ouroboros: Cycle of the Pune Metal Scene
We check in on what the members of the metal scene in Bombay's sister city have been up to.


  • Jerry Seinfeld Live in Mumbai headling Stage42 Festival, March 2015 (Promo)
    The global entertainment icon, Jerry Seinfeld is the final headliner of the Stage42 festival. Two shows have been announced in Mumbai, making it his first ever tour in Asia.
  • Akhtari - Theatre at Stage42 (Promo)
    An inimitable ghazal singer, Begum Akhtar's enigmatic life will be presented by classical singer Vidya Shah and poet and actor Danish Husain in the form of 'Akhtari'.
  • Dastangoi - A Lost form of Storytelling | Stage42 Festival (Promo)
    One of India's (and post-colonial Pakistan's) most prolific short story writers, Sa'dat Hasan Manto's intrepid stories have lately become popular among young Indian readers. His highly eventful life will be narrated in the form of Dastangoi: The Lost Art Form of Urdu Storytelling.
  • The Empire by Anuvab Pal Live | Stage42 Festival
  • BILL BURR Live in India | Stage42 Festival
    Bill Burr will be performing in Mumbai on February 9th as a part of Stage42!

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