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The Coalition Announces First of TC/Inspire Sessions
Three speakers from young creative houses will share their stories through talks, open conversation, and drinks. DJ Norcotiq closes the night. Delhi, do it.
Nischay Parekh Selected for the Red Bull Music Academy
The Kolkata singer-songwriter, along with 59 other musicians chosen from across the world, will participate in a series of lectures and workshops to be held in Tokyo.
Watch: 'We All Fall' - Karsh Kale
A new Karsh Kale video is out as part of the second season of Sony Project Resound. Check it out inside.
Weekend Events in Delhi and Bangalore for Metal Fans
The Outrage Festival and Doom Over Bangalore are liable to ensure that heavy metal fans in the north and south begin the next working week with a crick in their necks.
Chaos Theater: There Really is No Spoon
Alternate reality gaming is gaining popularity in Mumbai, thanks to game designer Shagun Shah and his Chaos Theater.
Bangalore Open Air 2014 Confirmed, Lineup Announced
The fledgling metal festival met with relative success last year, but there's a reason why that's unlikely to be replicated this time around.
Watch: '#LEH' - IISuperwomanII & Humble the Poet
Watch IISuperwomanII and Humble the Poet dropping heat on overprivileged youth in #LEH.
Progressive House Producer Jeremy Olander to Tour India
As part of sLick!’s three-year anniversary, Olander kickstarts the celebrations with a three-city tour, starting next weekend.


Introducing Doctor Zebra
Doctor Zebra is a Pune-based surf-themed pop-punk outfit. That's right, they're from Pune.
Review: Spectral Insight - Spectral Insight
Spectral Insight's self-titled debut is well-crafted but ultimately redundant.
In Conversation with Ashish Avikunthak
Rati Chakravyuh, Avikunthak's latest work, is a single-shot, 102-minute long film, wherein the camera moves throughout in a circular motion, and all the characters commit suicide at the end.
Out Of Toon: #WhoIsJudasPriest
We're definitely not as hardcore about indie superstars, right?
5electronic: Sandunes
Mumbai electronic producer Sandunes talks about five acts that she’s really into right now in the latest edition of 5electronic.
In Conversation with Yousef
We speak to the Liverpool house and techno DJ about being a label boss, his contemporaries and the Dos and Don'ts of becoming a DJ.
"I Used to be in a CS Clan"
Ritwik Deshpande profiles erstwhile Counter-Strike clan member Killermaanz in an attempt to explore how one of the most popular computer games ever made took over his life.
Kenny Sebastian Walks Into A Bar
We sit down with Kenny Sebastian to talk about getting lucky in comedy, doing his own thing and how he went from hating John Mayer to getting his ridiculous guitar face spot on.
Dualist Inquiry in 2014: The Interview
In his most comprehensive interview so far, Dualist Inquiry talks constructive criticism, his latest EP(s), the importance of good management, and reveals some secrets about his production process.
Out Of Toon: Because Free Alcohol...
Is. The. Shiz.


  • PUMA Loves Vinyl - Sound Of 2014
    Puma Loves Vinyl is back this year and they're on a quest to seek out the Sound of 2014. Through the recommendations of a panel of leading music journalists, artist managers, promoters and record executives, PUMA will seek out some of India's most relevant musicians, people that are championing a sound that is highly-listenable, wholly contemporary and captures the spirit of independent music in India in 2014.
  • NH7 ShakeDown ft. DJ Sarasa (Japan), DJ Uri & DJ Proof @ D'Bell
    If you're looking for the real old-school dance party, The NH7 ShakeDown is where it's at. The NH7 ShakeDown is where we take the best of old-school hip-hop, R&B, funk and disco to the next level.
  • P-Man's Converse Diary, Bangalore
    This is P-Man's Converse Diary where he talks about his experiences with newfangled bands while on the Road to Converse Rubber Tracks in India. Take notes, as he tells us what he's expecting on his journey.
  • Celerating Air Max Day with Dualist Inquiry
    Electronic music sensation Dualist Inquiry talks his personal style and how his sneakers reflect the cool, self-belief you hear permeating through his music at Nike's AirMax Day celebration in Mumbai, India.
  • P-Man's Converse Diary, Kolkata
    This is P-Man's Converse Diary where he talks about his experiences with newfangled bands while on the Road to Converse Rubber Tracks in India. Take notes, as he tells us what he's expecting on his journey.

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